In the Press

Putney SW15, 29 March 2018: “2,300 Jobs In Wandsworth From a Hard Brexit Claim Labour”

Wandsworth Guardian, 9 August 2018: “Impact of Brexit means price rises”

The New European, 25 September 2018: “Cheers! New anti-Brexit beer to be launched by Remain campaigners”

SW Londoner, 12 October 2018: “The Brexitometer goes to Balham to give people their say on Brexit”

SW Londoner, 19 October 2018: “Cheers to EU: remain campaigners launch anti-Brexit beer”

Gigwise, 22 October 2018: “Alabama 3: Love Brixton, Hate Brexit”

Putney SW15, 30 October 2018: “The Brexitometer and a Box Full of Cross Party Thank Yous for MP”

Panorma Beer Magazine, November 2018: “Bier gegen Brexit” (“Beer Against Brexit” in German)

South London Press, page 18-19, 2 November 2018: “No priority for People’s Vote”

Guest blog at LondonSwedes (in Swedish) and translation at, 2 November 2018: “We’re Stopping Brexit”

Guest blog at London 4 Europe, 13 November 2018: “Go See Your MP”

Ici Londres, 5 December 2018: “Lettre ouverte d’un Britannique contre le Brexit” (“Open Letter from a Brit against Brexit” in French)

SW Londoner, 6 December 2018: “Lord Adonis tells Wimbledon campaigners to ‘keep up the pressure’ on People’s Vote”

Deutchlandfunk, 7 December 2018: “Zweites Brexit-Referendum?” (“A Second Brexit Referendum?” in German)

Dagsavisen, 8 December 2018: “Brexit-Flertallet dor ut i januar” (“The Brexit Majority Dies in January” in Norwegian)

Sveriges Radio, 9 December 2018: “God morgon världen” (“Good Morning, World” in Swedish)

Svenska Dagbladet, 19 January 2019: “Theresa Mays tid rinner ut – och nu har britterna ändrat sig” (“Theresa May is running out of time, and the Brits have changed their minds”, in Swedish)

Korean Media Broadcasting, 24 January 2019, 32.45 minutes into a documentary about the political developments in France and Britain, in Korean.

Guest blog at European Movement UK, 25 January 2019: “Complacency is our Worst Enemy”

Labour List, 6 February 2019: “As councillors, we know everything is local – even Brexit”

South London Press, page 16, 15 February 2019: “The stuff of sense and nonsense”

South London Press, page 22, 1 March 2019: “Help fund people from Scotland”

South London Press, page 18, 5 April 2019: “Answering MP’s Brexit concerns”

South London Press, page 18, 17 May 2019: “What has Europe ever done for us?”

South London Press, page 16, 14 June 2019: “Candidates are in cloud cuckoo land”

South London Press, page 16, 9 August 2019: “Now is the time for a People’s Vote”

Wimbledon Times, page 10, 30 January 2020: “Farewell and adi-EU”

South London Press, page 16, 31 January 2020: “We’ll meet again”

South London Press,  19 June 2020: “I no longer feel welcome here”

South London Press, 18 September 2020: “Breaking law will lead to no-deal economic disaster”

South London Press, 12 February 2021: “The wheels have already fallen off the Brexit bus”

South London Press, 16 April 2021: “European nationals need to know new obligations”

South London Press, page 5, 3 September 2021: “Local group gets funding for post-Brexit survey”

South London Press, page 16, 15 October 2021: “Brexit isn’t working”