In the Press

London News Online, 7 September 2022: “The gift that is Brexit just keeps on giving – not!”

South London Press, page 16, 2 September 2022: “The gift that is Brexit just keeps on giving – not!”

South London Press, page 14, 18 March 2022: “EU moved more quickly than UK with sanctions”

South London Press, page 16, 25 February 2022: “Jacob Rees-Mogg won’t find any Brexit opportunities”

SW Londoner, 28 January 2022: “Has Covid-19 masked the impact of Brexit on small business?”

South London Press, page 16, 15 October 2021: “Brexit isn’t working”

South London Press, page 5, 3 September 2021: “Local group gets funding for post-Brexit survey”

South London Press, 16 April 2021: “European nationals need to know new obligations”

South London Press, 12 February 2021: “The wheels have already fallen off the Brexit bus”

South London Press, 18 September 2020: “Breaking law will lead to no-deal economic disaster”

South London Press,  19 June 2020: “I no longer feel welcome here”

South London Press, page 16, 31 January 2020: “We’ll meet again”

Wimbledon Times, page 10, 30 January 2020: “Farewell and adi-EU”

South London Press, page 16, 9 August 2019: “Now is the time for a People’s Vote”

South London Press, page 16, 14 June 2019: “Candidates are in cloud cuckoo land”

South London Press, page 18, 17 May 2019: “What has Europe ever done for us?”

South London Press, page 18, 5 April 2019: “Answering MP’s Brexit concerns”

South London Press, page 22, 1 March 2019: “Help fund people from Scotland”

South London Press, page 16, 15 February 2019: “The stuff of sense and nonsense”

Labour List, 6 February 2019: “As councillors, we know everything is local – even Brexit”

Guest blog at European Movement UK, 25 January 2019: “Complacency is our Worst Enemy”

Korean Media Broadcasting, 24 January 2019, 32.45 minutes into a documentary about the political developments in France and Britain, in Korean.

Svenska Dagbladet, 19 January 2019: “Theresa Mays tid rinner ut – och nu har britterna ändrat sig” (“Theresa May is running out of time, and the Brits have changed their minds”, in Swedish)

Sveriges Radio, 9 December 2018: “God morgon världen” (“Good Morning, World” in Swedish)

Dagsavisen, 8 December 2018: “Brexit-Flertallet dor ut i januar” (“The Brexit Majority Dies in January” in Norwegian)

Deutchlandfunk, 7 December 2018: “Zweites Brexit-Referendum?” (“A Second Brexit Referendum?” in German)

SW Londoner, 6 December 2018: “Lord Adonis tells Wimbledon campaigners to ‘keep up the pressure’ on People’s Vote”

Ici Londres, 5 December 2018: “Lettre ouverte d’un Britannique contre le Brexit” (“Open Letter from a Brit against Brexit” in French)

Guest blog at London 4 Europe, 13 November 2018: “Go See Your MP”

Guest blog at LondonSwedes (in Swedish) and translation at, 2 November 2018: “We’re Stopping Brexit”

South London Press, page 18-19, 2 November 2018: “No priority for People’s Vote”

Panorma Beer Magazine, November 2018: “Bier gegen Brexit” (“Beer Against Brexit” in German)

Putney SW15, 30 October 2018: “The Brexitometer and a Box Full of Cross Party Thank Yous for MP”

Gigwise, 22 October 2018: “Alabama 3: Love Brixton, Hate Brexit”

SW Londoner, 19 October 2018: “Cheers to EU: remain campaigners launch anti-Brexit beer”

SW Londoner, 12 October 2018: “The Brexitometer goes to Balham to give people their say on Brexit”

The New European, 25 September 2018: “Cheers! New anti-Brexit beer to be launched by Remain campaigners”

Wandsworth Guardian, 9 August 2018: “Impact of Brexit means price rises”

Putney SW15, 29 March 2018: “2,300 Jobs In Wandsworth From a Hard Brexit Claim Labour”