No Magic Wand

Loss of people, profit and possibilities is what Wandsworth fear from Brexit. Is there a magic wand to turn this around?

It is widely know that Wandsworth was one of the boroughs which voted most emphatically in the referendum in June 2016 to remain in the EU. We – the European Movement in Wandsworth – wanted to investigate if this is still reflected in the community. During January and February 2018 we have asked business and organisations in the borough what their prospects are in a post-Brexit environment.

The results of our Brexit Audit show a very distinct pattern of pessimism among businesses and others, which is also reflected in similar reports from other parts of the country.

This may be a small study conducted by volunteers over a short period of time in a single borough of South West London, but it reveals the fears and uncertainty which at least two thirds of business owners and others struggle with in their everyday life.

Some comments from the respondents:

“… my cost of sales has increased by 10%”

“Brexit means we will leave and set up in the EU.”

“… our sector depends heavily on EU employees…”

“… we are simply not getting any good candidates.”

Click this to read the Brexit Audit 2018. (pdf)