Twin with a Berlin Borough

Choosing a German partner might give us a head-start:

  • Britain and Germany, and London and Berlin in particular, have a great deal in common: both cities are prominent on the world stage, with boroughs of comparable size and a similar mix of inner city and more suburban districts;
  • Recent top-level undertakings between the German and British Governments have given a fresh push to local twinning arrangements – and the German Government appears to be putting money behind its commitment too.
  • For example, its ‘Host a Teacher from Germany’ scheme assigns schools here, for an agreed period, an English-speaking qualified teacher, not just free of charge but with funding attached to help the school make the most of the additional resource.
  • In addition, the British-German Association, a voluntary-sector body based here in London promoting friendship between the two nations, is keen to support existing twinnings and provide advice to get new partnerships off the ground.